Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Since song Fu in Shandong

The reporter searches 《the cute scarves gun pays to manage a method 》 to know, the manufacturing, sale imitates a true gun of, from public security official the organization carry the personnel is warning of supervisor personnel and other direct responsibility of direct responsibility to the individual or the unit or on the 15th following detention;Constituting is criminal, pursue a pertaining to crime responsibility by law.
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Yesterday, saved the heavy snow in city.Be in remembrance of tower in 81 square under, have two the thous that wear full-length gown and wear a hat hat to attire mutually man, loudly read aloud 《Analects 》 in breeze snow.Be covered to know by reporter, two behavior that man reads aloud 《Analects 》 don,t make a show, but carry on cruising of"the Confucius returns, Chinese studies public-spirited big lecture hall" to visit to speak to learn.According to understand, since song Fu in Shandong, the activity is purpose is to spread Confucius"loyalty", "forgive", the cultural essence of "filial piety".Text|diagram reporter stone Peng Li Wei

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