Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is unique now worry of BE

BE going to the on the way that the Po sun lake sanctuary sand lake protects a station(be located in star son county), snow Chang nine high speed, there is still on the road accumulated snow, car can be slow-moving to drive.Get into sand lake, the one of white snow Ai Ai, accumulated snow is reaching to more than 20 Lis rice is deep.The sand lake protects to stand a staff member to introduce, the migratory bird looks for food of the district is mainly lake area and lawn, because of lawn completely drive snow overlay, looking for food of migratory bird the scope be seriously narrowed, can push shoal to look for food.However what to is lucky BE, greatly parts of shoals tartan scarves didn,t freeze.
This year with different in 2008, the that time is the influence that is frozen by lake noodles, while this year is that the lawn accumulated snow is too deep, compressed looking for food of migratory bird space.Sand lake is protecting to stand station-master plum is brave to tell a reporter, for controling the influence that low temperature rain snow brings migratory bird at any time, they enlarged to cruise strength for lake.See from several days of monitor, area in the sand lake still has more than 30,000 migratory birds, the amount didn,t reduce.Is unique now worry of BE, expect lake noodles to freeze area extension behind, again of grass pool drive snow overlay, the migratory bird looks for food at that time of the difficulty will enlarge further.

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