Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(Responsibility editor

(Responsibility editor:news4)
Carry on the shoulder a food to enter lake area
Carry on the shoulder belly dance hip scarves a food to enter lake area
On the 20th, the reporter understands in the thorough Po sun lake migratory bird sanctuary interview, because the breeze big temperature in lake was low, scanned widely to hope to is an expanse of white one, very thick snow completely overalied lawn and compressed the space that the migratory bird looks for food.For the sake of"food Huang" of the solution migratory bird, the sanctuary staff member exclusively gets into an artificial hurl food in lake.On that day, the reporter also experienced personally a migratory bird protection personnel to cruise the hardships in the lake in snow and icebound.
The accumulated snow leads a deep migratory bird to look for food difficult

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