Friday, February 11, 2011

Ping Cun Cun Wei will director Chen Be widely thick to mean

Several villagers said that block up a door for consecutive days is self-moving behavior, hope that the executive withdraws on one is own initiative.Participating in the villager didn,t beat and scold a visitor, there is also no acute behaviour, just advise Zu visitor to leave.
Yesterday, Ping Cun Cun Wei will director Chen Be widely thick to mean, skiing field from haven,t to village once handed over money already for three snow quarters up to now in 2009, the village inside has already invested 280 remainings toward the skiing field before now ten thousand, opinion in the village is also to take back a skiing field, but many negotiations all be conducted square brush-off.
Always settle government in the town related was responsible for a personnel to say, is moderating both parties to carry on a consultation in town.According to know, many consumers have already purchased in advance ten thousand of ticket, also worry to can not use currently.To this, skiing field means, can continue to conduct to still have no hard conclusion, the concrete way for refunding temporarily didn,t°yet.

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