Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is unique now worry of BE

BE going to the on the way that the Po sun lake sanctuary sand lake protects a station(be located in star son county), snow Chang nine high speed, there is still on the road accumulated snow, car can be slow-moving to drive.Get into sand lake, the one of white snow Ai Ai, accumulated snow is reaching to more than 20 Lis rice is deep.The sand lake protects to stand a staff member to introduce, the migratory bird looks for food of the district is mainly lake area and lawn, because of lawn completely drive snow overlay, looking for food of migratory bird the scope be seriously narrowed, can push shoal to look for food.However what to is lucky BE, greatly parts of shoals tartan scarves didn,t freeze.
This year with different in 2008, the that time is the influence that is frozen by lake noodles, while this year is that the lawn accumulated snow is too deep, compressed looking for food of migratory bird space.Sand lake is protecting to stand station-master plum is brave to tell a reporter, for controling the influence that low temperature rain snow brings migratory bird at any time, they enlarged to cruise strength for lake.See from several days of monitor, area in the sand lake still has more than 30,000 migratory birds, the amount didn,t reduce.Is unique now worry of BE, expect lake noodles to freeze area extension behind, again of grass pool drive snow overlay, the migratory bird looks for food at that time of the difficulty will enlarge further.

(Responsibility editor

(Responsibility editor:news4)
Carry on the shoulder a food to enter lake area
Carry on the shoulder belly dance hip scarves a food to enter lake area
On the 20th, the reporter understands in the thorough Po sun lake migratory bird sanctuary interview, because the breeze big temperature in lake was low, scanned widely to hope to is an expanse of white one, very thick snow completely overalied lawn and compressed the space that the migratory bird looks for food.For the sake of"food Huang" of the solution migratory bird, the sanctuary staff member exclusively gets into an artificial hurl food in lake.On that day, the reporter also experienced personally a migratory bird protection personnel to cruise the hardships in the lake in snow and icebound.
The accumulated snow leads a deep migratory bird to look for food difficult

Since song Fu in Shandong

The reporter searches 《the cute scarves gun pays to manage a method 》 to know, the manufacturing, sale imitates a true gun of, from public security official the organization carry the personnel is warning of supervisor personnel and other direct responsibility of direct responsibility to the individual or the unit or on the 15th following detention;Constituting is criminal, pursue a pertaining to crime responsibility by law.
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Yesterday, saved the heavy snow in city.Be in remembrance of tower in 81 square under, have two the thous that wear full-length gown and wear a hat hat to attire mutually man, loudly read aloud 《Analects 》 in breeze snow.Be covered to know by reporter, two behavior that man reads aloud 《Analects 》 don,t make a show, but carry on cruising of"the Confucius returns, Chinese studies public-spirited big lecture hall" to visit to speak to learn.According to understand, since song Fu in Shandong, the activity is purpose is to spread Confucius"loyalty", "forgive", the cultural essence of "filial piety".Text|diagram reporter stone Peng Li Wei

They two polices and more than 10 public order members arrive to drive out "gun dealer" on the scene every day

The reporter discovers that in an hour, at least scarves ladies 10 imitate a true gun be bought to walk.The period also has a police car to come to patrol, but when the police car appears, "gun dealer" avert from for a while, once the police car leaves, they again beginning call sell.
Sell to imitate a true gun or make track for criminal responsibility
Now the matter often even road segment rules over police substation representative director said, they two polices and more than 10 public order members arrive to drive out "gun dealer" on the scene every day, he advises citizen to left for to purchase, because as long as the nobody buys, "gun dealer" has Chanel Scarves no business and then can,t last long to put a stand over there.The police suggests that for the sake of the others and the oneself safety, the citizen don,t want to purchase to imitate a true gun.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Contract and rental become a riddle
"The villagers way of doing isn

Contract and rental become a riddle
"The villagers way of doing isn,t satisfactory, but the starting point is to have no problem."Yesterday, Ping Cun Cun Wei will director Chen Be widely thick to mean, the village staff once advised a villager as well, anti- be blamed "weak" by the villager, the village Wei will be passing normal outlet solution problem.
For ten thousand Buddha international skiing field vice president, Reeve, says to have already signed contract or pays rental, Chen is widely thick the meant at the village file room could not checks this contract and also has no rental to enter in ledger on Zhang in the village, the other party didn,t provide the receipt of paying the rental as well.
Reeve meant last night that as usual conducted a skiing field have already had three years, contract and receipt really existed, if walk legal procedure settle dispute, be evidence to produce.

Ping Cun Cun Wei will director Chen Be widely thick to mean

Several villagers said that block up a door for consecutive days is self-moving behavior, hope that the executive withdraws on one is own initiative.Participating in the villager didn,t beat and scold a visitor, there is also no acute behaviour, just advise Zu visitor to leave.
Yesterday, Ping Cun Cun Wei will director Chen Be widely thick to mean, skiing field from haven,t to village once handed over money already for three snow quarters up to now in 2009, the village inside has already invested 280 remainings toward the skiing field before now ten thousand, opinion in the village is also to take back a skiing field, but many negotiations all be conducted square brush-off.
Always settle government in the town related was responsible for a personnel to say, is moderating both parties to carry on a consultation in town.According to know, many consumers have already purchased in advance ten thousand of ticket, also worry to can not use currently.To this, skiing field means, can continue to conduct to still have no hard conclusion, the concrete way for refunding temporarily didn,t°yet.